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Permaculture Workshop at House at the Edge of the Woods

Join us for an immersive weekend workshop in permaculture, natural farming, food forests, foraging, local foods and the sacred heart of nature. This workshop is a reclamation of a cultural nutritional heritage at the very heart of our love for the living world that sustains us. The workshop will take place at the House at the Edge of the Woods in the South Downs National Park, a beautiful dark skies area in the South of England. The food forest garden, planted over thirty years ago by Tim and Maddy Harland, the founders of Permaculture Magazine, includes over 60 fruit and nut trees, edible and medicinal herbs, berries, vegetables and cultivated fungi. The sauna is heated by wood from our woods chopped by Emma and her coppicing companions. Ten minutes walk down the lane and across the field is 11 acres of ancient woodland, lovingly managed by Emma's community of coppicers, charcoal makers, craftsmen, craftswomen and tree lovers. Local foods are at the very heart of this workshop. Foods that grow abundantly and with ease such as edible weeds or hedgerow and woodland plants that can be foraged safely and with care for the environments they thrive in. We will learn […]

Bone Deep – The stories in our bones

An invitation to Stories in our Bones. A weekend of stories of initiation from the House at the Edge of the Woods. Gathering together on the evening of Friday 13th September until the afternoon on the 15th of September 2024 Once upon a time, a story was told in the heart of the woods.  Once upon a time, people gathered around a fire, and leaned in to listen to words mixed with woodsmoke.  Once upon a time a woman walked into the Forest and stepped off the path…. This is not just ‘once upon a time’, this is our time.  Time to do what wanderers and seekers have been doing for millennia, and step into the Forest.  Just as in the old tales, we won’t walk out the same.  We invite you to a weekend retreat at The House at the Edge of the Woods for a two day story-telling weekend which will include the tale of the Handless Maiden.  This powerful story of endurance, exile, descent and sovereignty is filled with initiation, and is deeply relevant for people of all ages, especially those wondering what is asked of us in our troubled times. What part of yourself has been […]