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Tel: +44 7736 435553
Email: connect@emmacollinscoaching.com

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Meet with me in the woods, in my office or online

Contact me via this online form or call me (phone number opposite and by far my favourite way to be contacted) to talk about:

  • How I can support you with coaching or mentoring.
  • Sitting together to talk over a tea in Clanfield, Hampshire.
  • Spending time with the trees in the woodland I take care of near my home in Hampshire. Embodied practices and nature connection sessions in the woods.
  • Workshops and retreats in Clanfield, Hampshire.
  • Nonviolent Communication Practice Groups, Grief Gatherings, Ceremony, Shame and Vulnerability.
  • Endings and beginnings – Support and mentorship in crafting ritual or ceremony to mark big transitions.


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