“Emma is amazing. She has given me the tools that enable me to communicate with myself and others in a highly effective way. The results of using these tools have developed my ability to handle life’s ups and downs with so much more energy. Through her ability to really listen and explore the difficulties I was having, we were able to tap into my core values and understand the conflicts within myself that were negatively affecting my energy. Through this discovery work Emma identified the tools needed for my development, her skills and talent are exceptional. Because of her ability to give such expert instruction with warmth, kindness, love and openness, I feel we have really been able to achieve great things.”

Gabrielle Harrison, Entrepreneur, Switzerland

“I felt heard and understood. The session was gentle yet authoritative. It far exceeded my expectations of what I would experience, and I feel grateful for the privilege. In fact, having twice been the beneficiary of Emma’s NVC coaching sessions, my awareness of my own communication and what is happening inside me has soared, and with it the ability to manage better and more compassionately – with respect to myself and with respect to the person I am with.” 

– Caroline, Switzerland

“Emma has an exceptional ability to really listen and help identify one’s core needs. She listens with unconditional compassion and so instead of being weighed down by my perceived shortcomings and challenges, I learnt to be more compassionate towards myself. With Emma’s help, I was able to free-up energy to look for what really excites me. The work we did together helped me get really clear on what I wanted to experience more of in my life and then actually put in the actions needed to make that a reality!”

– Isabelle Van Notten, Independent Consultant, Holland

“Emma’s Discovery Pack helped me to focus on my needs and values and bring that awareness into the wonderful Discovery session that followed. The Discovery Pack, and the work I did before our session, served as a jumping off place, a dive into a much deeper exploration. I loved the material she sent – the content, the spaciousness, Emma’s personality shining through. The other contents were like a gift! Thank you, Emma for helping me get in touch with my authentic Self – I love her! And thanks for Being with me in this process. I look forward to our next session.”

Eve Willson, Coach, USA

“Working with Emma leaves me feeling incredibly safe and accepted. Thank you Emma!”

– Amy Carroll, Communication Coach and Trainer, Switzerland

“Emma has been fantastic support for me during a time of many difficulties in my life.  Helping to understand that my past and present were causing emotional difficulties.  Past stresses had not been resolved and now I look at my life differently with Emma’s help.  I would strongly recommend Emma to others and working with her on Skype helped resolve stress as well as looking at things differently.  I didn’t find all the tasks set easy to do but I felt challenged and motivated to make changes in my thinking.I want to thank her for support and kindness over the past few years and my life may not be perfect with illness but I do handle my illness in a positive manner (most of the time) and genuinely feel much happier.”

Helen Fraizer, United Kingdom

“Every coaching session and contact that I have had with Emma has been a genuine blessing. She is an exemplary teacher in compassion, mindfulness and nonviolent communication. Truly, she is the most inspirational guide to obtaining the best opportunities of our authentic self.”

Simona Mindrut, MD, Switzerland

“Emma’s background in social change enhances both sides of the coin in her world of work. She combines head and heart as a teacher and as a coach. I would recommend her wonderful open-hearted skills and personality to anyone interested in her teaching and coaching sessions. An experience not to be missed as they can bring such life changing results.”

– Freya Perry, Artist and Writer, UK

“Through carefully crafted explanations, role-playing and discussion we explored conflict dissolutions.  Emma’s workshops connect me with the power of NVC in all related situations. Her work is inspiring and deeply relevant.”

– Richard, USA

“I enjoyed Emma’s open, calm, considerate style and I loved the authenticity of the whole day…from Emma’s first checking in with her feelings through to being surrounded by people who were so open and honest and clearly had been given the permission to be this way through the atmosphere created.”

– Mel, Coach & Educational Consultant, UK & Switzerland

“There was so much that can be so usefully applied by everyone in life. Best skills course I have ever attended!”

– Christina Yapp, Switzerland

“The first training I did with Emma made me want to dig deeper into NVC as I sensed it was key to my well-being and to the well-being of those around me. I felt excited about all the things that could change for in my relationships. Then I took a second training with Emma, and this time I deepened my awareness of what compassion is. I now have so much more understanding of where I want to develop my communication skills, my growing edges, as well as more confidence about how to use NVC to manage everyday conflicts and challenges. I feel so much compassion and passion for NVC from Emma, and she inspires me to keep going on this journey!”

– Isabella Criseo, Switzerland

“Taking the theory of NVC to the next level, through practical examples and exercises with a group – enlightening!!”

– Jen Marnis, Switzerland