Loving Presence. Powerful Practices. Ritual & Ceremony. Service to Life

Embrace authenticity and wholehearted living with The Daring Way™, dissolve conflicts through Nonviolent Communication or answer the call of your heart to grief practice through gatherings such as Returnings or Aching Heart Days and Grief Circles.

Whatever you are pulled by, expect ceremony, intimacy, creativity, laughter and some village minded hearthfulness.

I am blessed to work internationally offering deeply connecting group work to transform communication, develop empathy and self-compassion – the practice of learning to turn towards ourselves with warmth, affection and care, and learn from the power of vulnerability.

There is a kind of collective wisdom that shows itself when we do this work as a group. Letting ourselves be seen and sharing our humanness is like discovering a well of cool, clear water just when we thought our thirst was unquenchable.

Perhaps it could be called sacred presence and we invite it together….leaning into a re-membered experience of what it might mean to love well and live deeply.