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Fire Sit Out

An invitation to a Fire sit out and two-days in the woods. Gathering together on the afternoon of Friday 26th April until - afternoon of Sunday 28 April 2024  House at the Edge invites you to a very special event with the Swedish tracker and ceremonialist Miki Dedijer in a small ancient woodland in Clanfield, Hampshire. In this dawning of bluebells, this fullness of spring and with summer on the horizon, we find ourselves in a time of new beginnings, fertility and birth. It’s a subtle verdant threshold between equinox and solstice when the day is lengthening, the night not yet fully shortened. In the old days, after a long winter in the barns, when the meadows were rich and green again, this is when the herders drove their livestock out beyond stale domesticity, to feed and fatten among the bluebells, to calf beneath the coppice, and give milk on the commons. It was a time of great excitement and expectation anchored to considered caution. The season of coupling and of birth comes with the hard-earned understanding that all tender new life needs attentive care and protection. In the cacophony and the ravages of perpetual growth that is eroding the […]

The Wild Maiden – A Mythic Retreat in the Woods

An invitation to two day telling of the tale of the Handless Maiden. Gathering together on the evening of Friday 14th until the afternoon on the 16th June 2024 Once upon a time, a story was told in the heart of the woods.  Once upon a time, people gathered around a fire, and leaned in to listen to words mixed with woodsmoke.  Once upon a time a Wild Maiden walked into the Forest and stepped off the path…. This is not just ‘once upon a time’, this is our time.  Time to do what wanderers and seekers have been doing for millennia, and step into the Forest.  Just as in the old tales, we won’t walk out the same.  We invite you to a weekend woodland retreat for a two day telling of the tale of the Handless Maiden.  This powerful story of endurance, exile, descent and sovereignty is filled with initiation, and is deeply relevant for people of all ages and especially those wondering what is asked of us in our troubled times. What part of yourself has been exiled in order to survive in this world? What is calling to be seen, to be given voice, to be […]