What does working with me look like?

As an ICF Certified Professional Coach, a Nonviolent Communication Trainer and a Daring Way™ Facilitator with a background in person-centered counselling and mindfulness, I have helped hundreds of people fulfil their longing for authentic, connected relationships with themselves and others. I am especially skilled at supporting individuals to transform the pain of their past stories and develop compassionate minds so they can live empowered, authentic and wholehearted lives.

I work with people on online, face to face in my home in Portsmouth UK and in the 11 acres of Hampshire woodland I am blessed to be custodian of. We can work over a period of time for an hour or so a fortnight, or for three days straight in a deep immersion of wondering and ceremony.

In short, we decide together what would be most supportive for you.

Our first meeting is complementary

During this free forty-minute session, you can:

  • Discuss your goals and intentions for working with me.
  • Ask me questions and hear about how I work.
  • Explore whether working with me would meet your needs, and if not get some ideas about how else to get support.
  • Decide what your next steps will be!

Tailor Made Support

  • Most sessions are one hour long but it depends on what we decide is going to be most helpful and manageable for us both.
  • I love exploring alternatives to money and I have been experimenting with gift economy for the past few years. I also enjoy energy/skills exchange with those who are looking for alternative and creative ways to recognise value. If you are curious about how this could work then please ask me!

Frequently Asked Questions

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