What you get!

I am an ICF Accredited Certified Coach with a background in Person Centred and Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication, and a Trainer offering Collaborative, Connected and Compassionate Communication workshops and courses internationally.

Throughout my professional life I have helped hundreds of people fulfill their longing for authentic, connected relationships with themselves and others. I am especially skilled at supporting individuals to transform the pain of their past stories and develop compassionate minds so they can live powerful, authentic and wholehearted lives.

The Core Principles of Transformational Coaching

First and foremost, I shine my coaching light onto my own relationships, and keep learning and growing my own skills. By constantly applying these skills and experiences, I share my successes with you.

Working with me, you are receiving the most effective, time-honored processes to apply to your own transformation, using these core principles:

  • Wholeness: You are already whole and you are following your natural urge to move towards a fuller expression of that wholeness.
  • Embracing: Fully embracing both sides of any polarity (in ourselves or in relationship with another person) leads to inner alignment.
  • Resourcefulness: Awakening inherent resourcefulness and wisdom activates creativity.
  • Freedom: People are inherently free and always have the power to choose – even when resources or power seem to restrict us.
  • Possibility: Much more is possible than any of us can imagine at any moment.

I trust in your wholeness and ability to find the answers you need to create the life you long for. At the same time, I also believe that we cannot do this work alone, and that support is essential for transforming stuckness and pain in all its forms.

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