How to decide how much to contribute…

So firstly I want to say I am not certain how to help you decide. This is not instruction. This is invitation and acknowledgement of the stickiness that can occur around money, and that we don’t live in a fair world where everyone has access to sufficient resources to cover their living costs.

So this is my attempt to do things differently. Inspired by many who have trodden this path before me and a bow to all those that actively live their life and work in gift.

Sliding Scale

The sliding scale option offered on some of my courses and events gives you an option to contribute what you believe you can afford along a scale of what the trainers find sustainable for themselves. If you are confused, you can use this guideline: the bottom end of the scale is for people who regularly find it difficult to pay their rent, and the top is for people who regularly eat in a nice restaurant.

Still confused? You could just choose somewhere in the middle…or you could take a few breaths and feel inside for an amount you willing to offer. Try it on…does it feel like a stretch? Is it a good yoga style stretch or is it uncomfortable? Is it uncomfortable because you are offering too much, or because you would really like to offer more?

Financial Co-responsibility

At other gatherings I invite participants to support me to engage in Financial Co-responsibility – a practice proposed by Dominic Barter for consciously sustaining systems, projects and events without conditioning participation on access to money.

These events, such as the NVC practice group, some Constellation events, The Work That Reconnects and Grief Gatherings are neither charged nor free. During our time together we share information about what has been needed to make it possible for us all to be there. We offer a simple mechanism for any financial contributions to support what is needed AND at the same time, for those that require financial support with transport and other simple costs to be with us on the day, and where possible the costs that might otherwise present restrictions to participation.

Still wondering?

Me too! And if you still find yourself confounded about how to proceed then please get in touch and ask me more. I continue to learn and wonder about how to walk this path vulnerably and in service to life, and your questions and quandaries make this a deeper enquiry.