What lights you up inside?

If you want to get a quick injection of insight and clarity to move you out of a stuck place or just to put some new goals down on paper this session is designed to achieve just that.

Sometimes you just want a sounding board to bounce ideas around and to check out any blind spots.

This session is designed to do just that. And I will also ask you some challenging questions and invite you to stretch a little bit so you can get further, quicker!

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What you get.

  • A specifically designed discovery process to support you in getting clear about what you want to have more of, transform or create.
  • Before our session you will go through some focusing questions, designed to stimulate your own enquiry and give us a foundation to explore together.
  • At the end of the session you will have some answers, potentially some more questions for later, and some clarity about your next steps
  • You will also have some new practices to support you in staying connected to what’s alive in you and your growth.

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