The meeting in the shower…

Listening to my inner stories and my needs Over coffee this week a friend asked me if it was normal to have imaginary arguments with people. I smiled  (the me too smile :-)) and shared how I used to have intense imaginary meetings with my boss in the shower every morning before work. These ‘meetings’ were always heated and always […]

News from the seaside

Dear friends Again some months have passed since I last wrote to you. I have been settling in and moving through my days as gently as possible….finding my feet back in my home town of Portsmouth. It is very strange and often sad to be here without my beloved Richard, and still there is much to be enjoyed […]

Endings Beginnings

Dear ones I am sitting down to write to you as the sun begins to think about leaving us for the day. It has been glorious again here in Vevey. Blue skies, a gentle summer breeze and such beauty and warmth that I frequently find myself smiling, seemingly without cause but with a sweet gratitude […]

Homeward Bound

Packing up. Saying goodbyes. Stocking up on turmeric and hibiscus flowers. Wondering how I managed to accumulate so much stuff again! Getting ready to leave……getting ready to feel my way back into life in Europe again. Enjoying my coconut water with a little more appreciation than last week and noticing how my hammock moments become […]

Finding Beauty in Everything

What if the whole Universe is one giant set-up for your benefit? What if all the things that are currently difficult, painful or exasperating in your life are a gift? Do you start to relax as you wonder at the possibility? After a very stressful and intense couple of weeks I know I do! Just when […]

Books Book Books!

Books that changed my life! I love to read. And I love to buy books. I also buy way more books than I read, but here are the ones I regularly buy and give as gifts to friends and clients – my most life changing and inspiring reads listed below in no particular order.  I’d […]

Connection Tools

Tools to support connection, clarity and choice What can we do to help establish a practice of conscious and connected communication at home or at work? To build our listening and sharing skills and strengthen the habit of receiving ourselves and others with care? The key word is practice! In my house we need to have […]