Be Do Have

Do you find yourself thinking that if you could just get somewhere else, or achieve a particular goal, you would suddenly be happier?

Perhaps you wonder if all the dissatisfaction you experience is because of your job, your partner, how much you weigh, where you live, how much money you have or the fact you haven’t completed, or perhaps even started, that special project you have been planning for years.

I know it’s tempting to look for someone or something to pin responsibility on, but this is back to front and upside down thinking at it’s most unhelpful!

Happiness doesn’t come from what we have, it comes from who we are being. We don’t have to prove our value in the world by doing more or having more.

And at the same time, if we want to live lives that are aligned with our values, we need to figure out who we are being in the world.

I’m not asking what your job is or even what you think you should do with your life.

First of all I want to know what is your inner state of beingness?

What are the thoughts that colour your world? What are the stories you tell about who you are and what is possible? What comes up when you sit with yourself or look at the emotions that live in your body?

Do you want to feel expansive, wholehearted, abundant?

Do you want a life full of gratitude, joy and awe?

Of course you do.

I'm ready to get started!

If not now when?

Here is what I know.

First we need to have a sense of who we are right now, and some clarity about the gap that exists between our values and how we live our lives.

Then we can dive into what are we doing that supports us to live wholeheartedly and aligned with our values.  And what we are not doing!

It doesn’t matter how clear your goals are, how long you spend working towards what you want to achieve, or how much money and effort you spend trying to have what you want.

What matters is how you speak to yourself. What you believe about yourself and the world you live in. And how connected you are to your needs and values.

Can you rest in the beauty and fullness of your hearts longings, without jumping to action? Can you rest a while longer, and let the energy of these precious needs touch you deeply? Can you meet yourself with tenderness and compassion in this vibrant and sacred space?

If you are willing to stay here for a while, the doing you choose to engage in from this fertile ground will be more creative, productive, sustainable and magical than you could even dare to imagine now.

Your thoughts shape your world. Make them beautiful.

This is the fairy dust that get us the results that we want!

What you get

A specifically designed discovery process to uncover your personal transformation goals and intentions.

The discovery process includes a deep dive coaching session to uncover who it is that you are longing to be, what you want to do and what that will give you. What are the values that light the way for you? What would make life more wonderful for you? What is it that is calling to you? How can you live your unique contribution?  What are the specific goals that will bring you fulfilment, passion and aliveness?

An individually designed program to support you to dig deep, embrace the dark and step into the life you long to live.

Once we have clearly defines what you want to experience differently in your life, and the values that drive you, I go away and design a unique program to help you reach your goals. It includes all kinds of surprises and extras as well practices and the coaching sessions where we can celebrate your progress, work on your challenges and offer presence to any areas of stuckness or pain.

Two hour long sessions per month – either on skype, phone or face to face.

Exactly what it says. Our time together focusing on connecting to what matters to you and walking the pathway to alignment.

Support between sessions to help you stay on track with the intentions and practices you choose to work on.

I know how it is to be all fired up with enthusiasm and intention in a coaching session only to lose the energy and focus as I get back to daily life. I want to support you to be accountable to what you say is important and so I am an active resource for you in between our coaching sessions. Email and phone contact is available and I send you reminders and other gifts and surprises to support you to stay connected to your goals.

Resources, practices and inspiration to help you meet yourself with love and compassion. Now and as you continue on your journey.

You will receive regular gifts and resources throughout our time together and as a graduate of the program you will have free access to a monthly group coaching call and either reduced rates or free access to online and in-person trainings.